Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 14 Peaches and Naps

I am writing tonight in hopes of bringing myself back to "center".  So much has been going on this week that I feel a little bit in a whirlwind.  Today being the Sabbath gives me time to regroup.  It's obvious to me now that writing daily is a bit overzealous for the life I lead right now.  But it doesn't mean I don't spend time daily recognizing how the Lord has blessed me.  Here are a few highlights from this week.

After a stressful day riddled with panic attacks and frustrations (and conquering my fear of driving in bigger cities), I drove home feeling spent.  Then I remembered it was time to do peaches and I had yet to find any.  I thought about stopping at the nearest fruit stand but kept getting the impression to head straight home.  The kids were already out of school and I needed to be there.  Trusting the impression I had, I more calmly drove home.  Not five minutes after walking in the door a sweet neighbor called to see if I wanted her left over peaches.  Turned out she didn't have just a few leftover.  I was able to get all that I really wanted to can and still had extra.  Thank you Heavenly Father for knowing that the money I almost spent on peaches would be better used elsewhere.  And thank you dear neighbor for also following a prompting and thinking of me!

Today just getting ready for church was a battle.  You know those days when you remember last minute you were in charge of something big and dropped the ball.  Yep, seems like the last two Sundays have been doozies for me.  Well, that alone can pretty much push me over the edge.  This was coming off a really busy and stress filled weekend, lots of driving, late nights, and colds all the way around.  Everyone woke up sluggish (doesn't help that the house was trashed).  By the time we actually made it to church (early-believe it or not) I was a basket case.  Half way through Sacrament meeting daughter #2 and I made our way to the bathroom with upset stomachs and incessant running noses.  While taking care of things my little one said "Mom, if I am sick will I have to go home?"  Notice the "have to" not "get to".  Amidst all the things I am doing wrong I must be doing at least a little something right.  She was able to stay and actually begged that we have choir practice so she could stay longer.  

Naps.  Need I say more?  Um, yep, I will.  It's not often that we actually get to "rest" on our Sabbath.  Who does that with three little ones that still need to be taken care of.  But today I got the prompting that if we didn't we wouldn't make it through the week.  So following a late lunch we all headed to our rooms for a little quiet time.  And all five of us slept.  At the same time.  For at least 2 hours.  Holy cow!  Heavenly Father knew that Jimmy and I needed rest desperately and the only way to get it was to have everyone fall asleep.  We all slept right through dinner but who cares.  We needed it.  Once again God proves he is a God of mercy!

How did God show you His mercy this week?

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